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There are a large number of diverse employment opportunities in the administrative sector. As well as possessing IT skills, applicants for administrative jobs must be confident, organized, able to multi-task and highly flexible and adaptable. At Unique Personnel and Temporaries, we provide administrative training programs, which aim to provide candidates with these skills.

While the use of automation and technology is becoming more prevalent, administrative jobs still require that workers have strong interpersonal skills and excellent time management. Our training programs are designed to help people acquire transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of business settings.

The best thing is that the skills you will acquire through our administrative training courses will not only place you in an excellent position to gain an administrative job, they will actually help you with all aspects of life. For example, we will provide you with effective methods of dealing with stress or anger issues, as well as suggesting time management and organization strategies. These skills will enable you to thrive in any work environment or life situation.

We offer life and work skills courses, which will enable you to learn how to juggle the demands of a career and a personal life. We will show you how to identify and work with different personality types and to improve your self-esteem. You will learn how to adapt and deal with an environment, which is constantly changing.

Our clients come out of these courses not only with skills directly applicable to administrative jobs, but with skills which can aid them in any scenario in life. This makes for excellent employees who are able to think outside the box and demonstrate critical thinking and abstract problem solving skills, which will greatly benefit your company. We provide attention to detail and at the same time emphasize the bigger picture, providing a result that simply cannot be achieved by our competitors.

Call today to find out how we can assist you in obtaining an administrative job, or to find employees who will bring something extra to your company.

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